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New exhibition

Artwork by Ties Poeth will be on display beginning December 8, 2021. The exceptional artworks are black and white paper cut prints with the story of Steyl till August, 14th.

The artist Ties Poeth (1957), born and bred in Tegelen, is exhibiting 170 works of art in the Mission Museum. Poeth depicts the collection of the Mission Museum and some of the special places of Steyl and Tegelen in this paper cutting technique. Ties became interested in paper cutting in 1982 during his training at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. This craft requires strong analytical skills and technical craftsmanship to achieve a total image with the cutting.  

Early 2022 will see the publication of Poeth’s second book of prints entitled:
Een collectie dieren ‘op’ Steyl (A collection of animals in Steyl).  

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