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23 August 2021

Cross-fertilisation between the Netherlands and Indonesia

A fascinating two-part documentary tells the story of the cross-fertilisation between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Frans Leidelmeijer takes you through striking examples of that history. Leidelmeijer is known to the general public as an expert on the above styles through the popular television programme 'Between Art and Kitsch', in which he was involved between 1990 and 2017. A passionate storyteller and expert on early 20th century styles such as New Art, the Dutch variant of Art Nouveau, the Amsterdam School, Art Deco and New Building style.

In the first documentary the footage was recorded in the Netherlands, in the second documentary it was recorded in Indonesia. As part of the first documentary, footage was shot in the Mission Museum of the Schmutzer collection 'The Sacred Heart and the Two Angels' in Hindu-Javanese style made by the Javanese wood carver Iko.

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