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9 September 2021

Launch of new corporate identity & museum concept

The Mission Museum is a museum, unique in its kind, with a historic interior and a high-quality, well-preserved collection. In addition to bringing forward these existing core values, we want to tell the unique story of the explorers from Steyl to a large audience by applying a new museum concept with the right look & feel, PR and marketing.

From 5 September 2021 the Mission Museum has a new look. On this website, in the social media channels -Instagram & Twitter and appropriately in the museum itself, the new identity is visible. Fundamental adjustments were made in the museum to realize the new museum concept. The visitor gets to see a preview or introductory film at the beginning of the route. Along the route, the visitor is provided, mostly through the information screens and QR codes, with the corresponding deepening, stories and experiences.


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