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The unique village of Steyl lies along the River Meuse (Maas). There are several convent buildings, the Mission Museum, gardens and three cemeteries.

Around 1850, the centre of Steyl contained almost only farms and large merchant houses. The town once had a shipyard, as it was a flourishing centre of trade across the Meuse for a long time. One influential family in particular played an important role here, owning a large number of boats and two steamships. Around 1860 the prosperity of the shipping industry in Steyl came to an end. From 1875 Arnold Janssen, founder of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), established himself in Steyl. The SVD developed its own business initiatives, which included a printing press, a photographic studio, a water pumping station and a boiler house.

In Steyl, a world opens up to you. Steyl inspires you to discover, experience and enjoy from its rich origins to its present-day character.

For all information (attractions, restaurants and accommodation) visit the website of Kloosterdorp Steyl.

Steyl has an important cultural-historical value today.

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