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A group tour always offers a refreshing perspective. Whether you are a connoisseur or not. Curious about the museum presentations? Choose the tour that best suits your group. A guided tour is for a maximum of 15 people.  

1. The Ethnographic Tour and the Animal World of Yesteryear

Time capsule

You will be walking in a time capsule. There was a journey in time to foreign lands. Objects were sent back to Steyl. Here we look at special objects with their accompanying stories.  

Natual History Tour   
The missionaries overseas sent animals to Steyl and these were collected for science and education. The collection expanded considerably. Here we look at a variety of animal species in the showcases. 

2. Monastery Gardens and St. Michael’s

General Tour
Our tour guide will take you through the monastery gardens and visit the church of St. Michael. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to admire the collections of the Mission Museum on your own. Please note that this tour involves climbing a large staircase to visit the upper church and there are also a few steps in the grottoes.

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